Folium Floral Design is the brainchild of two girls who have a mutual love of wild flowers, home interiors and cups of tea (One sweet and one strong - the tea not the girls).

Based in York, North Yorkshire we met after both signing up for an adult education class based around floral design and quickly realised we had similar, if not identical, tastes as we were eyeing up the last bunches of eucalyptus on offer for our designs that evening. After many discussions over “working lunches” Folium was born, and the rest as they say, is history.

When possible, we love working with locally grown British flowers. You can’t beat their smell or colour and it’s always great to know you are supporting another independent business. Plus, we’re lucky to live in a part of the country where people are growing their own cutting gardens and wildflower patches. Meaning the flowers can come straight from the field to our designs, cutting out the mileage and transportation time without our flowers being manhandled and damaged. This also allows us to work seasonally and offer brides a better quality flower and a better quality bouquet. What’s not to love?

Folium Floral Design

Our signature style is to keep it loose and leafy, and we love nothing more than when couples ask for a natural and rustic style wedding. We love working with plenty of foliage such as seeded eucalyptus and delicate ferns, creating bouquets with texture and movement. Long, trailing ribbons matching a muted colour pallet are our favourite combination as they add a bit of drama in an elegant way.

Long, stripped back wooden tables are a dream to work with, as it means we get to create a centrepiece as wild and authentic as the couple will allow. No big blooms or tall glass tubes getting in the way of dinner and discussions here. Shades of green foliage dotted with flowers to match the colour pallet of the wedding helps to tie a theme together in an understated but beautiful way.

Working with the changes in seasons allows for us to feature some of our favourite flowers and designs. One of us is a big fan of when autumn approaches as we get to play with berries and richer, deeper foliage making lush and opulent look. We loved using quince and rosehips to make an autumnal table set up, dotted with tapered candles to give a warm glow and a cosy feel.

Folium Floral Design

Having said that, spring can have a huge influence on our designs, and as we say goodbye to winter and begin to hurtle towards the wedding season we get excited to see some regular favourites appearing, hinting at warmer and sunnier times. As the days lengthen and we’re treated to more daylight hours we know that we can expect more beautiful seasonal blooms to come our way. Working with the stalwarts of spring time; Ranunculus, Anemone and of course the infamous Tulip gives us the excitement of what’s to come. Obviously we’re talking about the notorious (and wedding showstopper) Peony. Which, as stubborn as it can be is a real dream when it performs on the day.

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