About Northern Star Tepees

Our Northern Star Tepee is based on the Sibley tent, invented by the American military officer Henry Hopkins Sibley in 1856. We’ve made a few adjustments that suit the modern traditional camper but it is essentially the same bit of kit. Tried and tested over the years by some of the world’s most intrepid explorers this tent design is rugged, practical and well…just super cool

It’s the little things that count

  • Available in 3,4,5 and 6m diameters
  • Heavy duty zipped in ground sheet with waterproof zipper and pvc water flap... Because we know that it can rain 24 seven on your holiday
  • Zippable fly screen doors
  • Sturdy marquee pegs for canvas skirt and guy ropes
  • Reflective, heavy duty 5mm guy ropes… just because!
  • Our 4, 5 and 6 m tepees have our unique design roll up/peg out fly screened zipped, canvas windows, allowing you different levels of privacy and flooding your living space with light
  • Roomy zip up canvas bags… no more stuffing in to a sack bag
  • 12 months quality guarantee.

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Northern Star Tepees
Northern Star Tepees Northern Star Tepees Northern Star Tepees Northern Star Tepees