Instructions for pitching your Tepee

Peg out the ground sheet, keeping it taut, make sure the cowl is in place and its guy ropes are untied.  Unzip the door and raise the pole in the centre of the cowl and vertical in the centre of tepee. Peg the guy ropes, try to keep the guys in line with the seams of the tepee panels and peg out the skirt loops . Tighten up and you're done!

In an emergency skirt loops do not require pegging. Please make sure your cowl is overlapping by taking its guy ropes further around the tepee before securing and pull tight to stop any water entering the roof vent, cowl can be removed in warm weather. The whole pitching process is quick and can be done by one person in 10 min for the 3m and 25 minutes for the 6 m (approximate times) When packing up ensure that the tepee and guy ropes are dry, take care to also dry under the plastic zip cover, where moisture can gather. It is worth using a footprint under the ground sheet for ease and speed of packing, otherwise thoroughly clean and dry up your ground sheet before folding and packing. 

Care of your tent: ensure the tepee is not put away wet, if this is unavoidable then please get out to dry as soon as feasible. Any dirt can be wiped away with a damp cloth, any tougher stains should come off with a professional canvas cleaning product like Fabsil. Test waterproofness after any cleaning and if necessary re proof with a water proofer like Fabsil.

Ground sheet can easily be unzipped for packing, cleaning or transport.

A well looked after tepee will last you a lifetime

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Instructions for pitching your Tepee